Gig at Town Hall
Featuring Sam Moran, better known as the yellow Wiggle.
Photos by Michael Berman

Our Skills (fire)
Photos by Cat Sweeney

Our Skills (no fire)
Photos by Michael Berman

Madame Mercury’s Marvellous Menagerie
Our big 2010 show

Madame Mercury Photoshoot
The photoshoot before our big 2010 show Madame Mercury.
Photos by Furr Hair

Elixir Carnivale
Our big production of 2008.
Photos by

Circusoc’s big production for 2007

Circusoc’s big show of 2005.
Photos by Kris Egan

Victoria Barracks Spring Gathering
Circusoc’s performance for the Australian Army’s Spring Ball in 2005.
Photos courtesy of the Army

Monday Meetings
Our regular Monday meetings.
Photos by Julia Kingston

Fire Twirling at Meetings
Fire twirling at our regular meetings.
Photos by Michael Berman

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