O-week approaches

The 25th of Feb to the 1st of March is the University’s O-week. Circusoc plans on being out in force, and we’d love it if you would join us. This is a big time of year for us and where we introduce ourselves to the thousands of new students starting their studies at UNSW. A lot of colour and skills will be shown off, with demonstrations and performances.

Upcoming gigs

Circusoc has been pushing hard with our performances this year. With upcoming promotional work in the city, entertainers at a nursing home and requests coming through for work at schools we’ve been very busy.

We’ve also been working on making hiring us easier and more transparent. As well as offering customised shows for your event and our rovering performers, on our new performances page one can now see some of our best acts available for hire.

Congratulations to the New Executive

Circusoc’s AGM has now been held, and we’ve many new faces on the executive committee. Congratulations to James, our new President, and the rest of our elected executive members.

Circusoc is gearing up for a big year this year. Last year we performed for more clients than ever before, and we’re hoping to push that boundary again.

AGM approaching

Monday the 26th of March is the day of Circusoc’s annual general meeting. To be held at 6:30 pm in the Wurth Room of the UNSW Roundhouse.

At the AGM, the club will decide on who represent it in the executive committee. Also we discuss and decide on any constitutional changes, then we eat pizza.

People considering running for an executive position should prepare a speech for the AGM and talk to the current position holder to get an idea of their future obligations.

It’s O-Week

Circusoc is making its presence known at O-Week once again. This time of year is our biggest push for finding new members and showing off our talents to the university’s newest inhabitants.

We’ve a stall set up on the Quadrangle, so if you’re around, come and say hi and have a go with the equipment we have out.