2022 Circusoc Executives and an Update!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and restrictions we are still not holding in-person trainings yet. Please follow our Facebook page to stay updated!

On a brighter note, we are excited to announce the new executive team going into 2022!

President: James Mario Mastroianni
Secretary: Carina Shen
Treasurer: Connie Xie
Arc Delegate: Jack Macalma Spiggle
Grievance Officer: James Mario Mastroianni

2021 Executive Team and Training!

Circusoc is finally back with weekly training at UNSW Physics Lawn from 5-9pm so come by to learn some new skills and meet new friends!

We would also like to congratulate and welcome the 2021 Executive Team for Circusoc!

President: Sebastian Barrett
Secretary & Grievance Officer: James Mastroianni
Treasurer: Hans Choy
Arc Delegate: Jack Spiggle

Not another COVID-19 Annoucement

Another year and Circusoc is facing challenges.

We are looking for people to help us improve our ability to help our community online with awesome tutorials and other good information.

Here’s also an updated list of our exec because we can 🙂

President: Alysha
Secretary: Richard
Treasurer: Hans
Arc Delegate: Jack
Grievance Officer: Ben


Congratulations to the New Exec!

Another year has passed and Circusoc is changing again.

Last year brought challenges with our members and finances, but we managed to get through it and hold some amazing events! Together with our friends from Circus Akimbo, we hosted a World Juggling Day event for Sydney – with turnout over 70 circus enthusiasts. And just last month, we put together a show called Out Of Line, which ended up being a real success. There was a great feedback from general audience as well as circus professionals – which led to selling out the last performance altogether.

As the semester 2 is about to finish, we are moving on to a new era, expecting some more awesome circus. We are planning to hold many more workshops, try to actively increase our popularity and promote accessibility to anyone who wants to join. And for all this we have a new team, eager to push the boundaries of our circus society. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the exec 2018:

President: Harlym Bozich-Davies
Vice President: Brent O’Neil
Secretary: Daniel Lambert
Treasurer & Gear Manager: Lindsay McLauchlan
Arc Delegate: Donna Hogan
Social & Artistic Director: Julian Renlong Wong
Web Master: Jano Šimko
Gig Manager: Kenny Cheung
Safety Officer: Ian Churton
Publicity and Marketing: Kenny & Jano

Out of Line: A Story of Misadventures

Cool promo picture

Circusoc has put together another exciting show! This time it is a circus adaptation of the story of Pinocchio. Staged in an intimate black box theatre, this show will unravel some of the disturbing developments of the original novel, that were omitted in the Disney movie.

Gloomy manipulation and deceit will be intertwined with humour and joy to exhaust your full emotional range. Experienced performers will display unusual skills – even in the world of circus – so accept our invitation and you will be entertained!

Join the Facebook event or buy tickets directly before they run out!

*14-16 September 2017*
Studio One, UNSW